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Whirley-Pop 5-Piece Popcorn Bowl Set with Kernel Separators


Make family movie night even more fun with the Whirley-Pop 5-Piece Popcorn Bowl Set with Kernel Separators! When you pour your freshly popped popcorn into these bowls, the un-popped kernels will fall to the bottom and be trapped under the removable kernel separator. That means no more hurting your teeth on hard kernels, no more sorting through the bottom of the bowl for the last few bites of popcorn, no more un-popped kernels interfering with your movie night!

With this 5-piece set, each person in your family gets a bowl for their own enjoyment, so no one has to fight for their share of popcorn and everyone gets to have their popcorn just how they like it. So while your kids might like mixing in peanut butter M&Ms or sprinkling on cheddar cheese seasoning, you can enjoy a classic bowl of buttered and salted popcorn or get creative with a blend of fun seasonings. From now on, the only arguing that might happen on family movie nights will be about movie selection!