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Farberware Large Wood Cutting Board


The Farberware 12" x 18" Wood Cutting Board is made for all of your prepping and serving needs. This beautiful wood is perfect for a serving board with its large surface area and rich color and texture. Bit it's also durable and safe for use with all knives, and it will not dull your blades. This board is even reversible for double the cutting and serving surface. Chop up an array of cheeses and veggies, then arrange them on the reverse side into a packed charcuterie board for friends and family to snack from. Slice your favorite fruits and arrange them around a creamy caramel dip for a healthy afternoon snack. Carve a roast without harming your countertops or pots and pans. It's all doable on this single board!

Handwash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.