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FREEZE Margarita Cooling Cup


Tonight feels like a margarita night! And with this FREEZE Margarita Cooling Cup, you get all the benefits of your favorite iconic shaped glass, with a patio-friendly update. After just 2 hours in the freezer, the cup's built-in proprietary cooling gel will keep your drink chilled for hours. That means whether you're sitting on the back deck enjoying the sunset or gathered around the dining table for Taco Tuesday, your margarita will stay nice and cool, ready for your next perfect sip. Made from BPA-free reusable plastic, this cup is actually less fragile than a glass, so you can have a carefree drink without worrying about your glass getting knocked over. The FREEZE Margarita Cooling Cup would also be ideal for a tailgate, backyard barbecue, or any outdoor party event. Just pour in your favorite margarita blend, sip, and relax. Cheers!

Dimensions: 12-oz.