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GoodCook Stainless Steel Basting Spoon


Sure, you need a baster for turkey dinners, but what do you use a basting spoon for? Turns out the GoodCook Stainless Steel Basting Spoon will come in handy for all sorts of cooking. You can, of course, use this spoon to baste oven-roasted meats and pan-seared steaks, bathing the meat in the delicious cooking juices to infuse it with deeper flavor. It's also great for separating the skim from boiling liquids. What you might not have realized is you can use a basting spoon on the grill! It's perfect for pouring on sauces and marinades as the meat sizzles. This basting spoon even doubles as a serving spoon. With its long handle and sharper angle, it's especially good for serving up soups and salads.

Dimensions: 13"