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GoodCook Touch Nylon Basting Spoon


For stirring or serving, this nylon basting spoon can withstand temps up to 400 degrees F and is safe to use on your beloved nonstick cookware. You can, of course, use this spoon to baste oven-roasted meats and pan-seared steaks, bathing the meat in the delicious cooking juices to infuse it with deeper flavor. It's also great for separating the skim from boiling liquids. This basting spoon even doubles as a serving spoon. Like all GoodCook Touch nylon tools, it also has an ergonomic, nonslip grip to make serving easier, and it's dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup. It's part of a matching line featuring a pasta server, slotted spoon, turner, and more.

Dimensions: 14"