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Libbey Stamford 16-Piece Glassware Set


Overhaul your glassware with the understated yet elegant style of this Libbey Stamford 16-Piece Glassware Set. In one package, you'll get eight 16-oz. cooler glasses and eight 12.2-oz. rocks glasses — plenty for the whole family or your next dinner party. The design is versatile enough to hold anything from a simple glass of milk to a perfectly crafted Old Fashioned. The classic shape of each glass guarantees it will pair seamlessly with whatever dinnerware or other glassware you're using. Just think how perfect the cooler glass will look alongside a matte blue dinner plate or gleaming white ceramic salad plate.

You can even use these as bar glasses, as the clean, clear glass will gleam from its place on the shelf behind your at-home setup. If you're not keeping this set for yourself, it makes the perfect housewarming or wedding gift.