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Microplane Spiral Cutter


To transform commonly used vegetables into aesthetically pleasing and fun spirals and ribbons, simply insert ingredients into one of the barrels, and twist to activate the blade. The small barrel is good for slim vegetables like carrots, while the large barrel is good for wide vegetables like zucchini. Other spiralizers can be clumsy and work better on softer produce, but Microplane’s ultra-sharp stainless steel blades can turn vegetables into veggie noodles in no time. Recreate your favorite pasta dish with veggie noodles for a fresh, low-carb take on dinner!

Product Details:
- Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 2 3/8"
- Small Barrel: 1 1/2", Large Barrel: 2 1/2"
- Surgical grade stainless steel blades