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OXO SoftWorks Trigger Ice Cream Scoop


Rocky road. Mint chocolate chip. Double-fudge brownie. No matter how loaded your favorite ice cream flavor is, this ice cream scoop lets you dish up cone after cone like a soda fountain pro. It’s designed with a pop-up lever that releases scoops of ice cream, sorbet, and sherbet with a simple press. The handle features a soft, non-slip grip that absorbs pressure to minimize effort even when scooping the hardest, most frozen-solid ice cream. Constructed with durable stainless steel, the scoop won’t chip, pit, or rust, and it’s dishwasher safe. So you can enjoy that afternoon bowl of ice cream every day, hassle-free.

Ice cream scoops are also perfect for portioning out muffin and cupcake batter! You could also use this tool to make uniform meatballs or scoop pancake batter out of the bowl and onto the griddle for a perfectly round and evenly sized stack of pancakes.