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Starfrit The Rock Electric Fondue Set


Bring a fondue night tradition to your home! The Starfrit The Rock Electric Fondue Set comes with everything you need for a great fondue night, including a cooking pot, heating base, fork guide, tempered glass lid, 8 stainless steel forks for dunking, and a magnetic release power cord. Heat up ooey-gooey cheese and dunk in bread, soft pretzel rolls, vegetables, meatballs, and more. Or go for dessert fondue and dip pineapple, brownie chunks, marshmallows, and frozen bananas into melted chocolate.

The die-cast aluminum pot is coated with the Rock.Tec patented surface enhancement for an outstanding release performance so your melted cheese or chocolate doesn't get stuck to the sides of the pot. The pot can also be used on a stovetop to accelerate boiling. With its nestable design, the base, fork guide, cord, and lid can be stored inside or on the cooking pot to save space, making it a perfect fit in all sizes of kitchens, from apartments to mansions.

Capacity: 3.2-qt